Monday, June 15, 2009

The Power of Marriage

Newspapers recently revealed that Malaysian Chinese remained to be the third Chinese nation (after the Chinese origins who live in China, and secondly after the Chinese in Taiwan) whom inherit the most complete and proper traditions from the mainland.

Since many Chinese are considered as superstitious people, so they tend to follow many things according to the traditions which are passed down by their ancestors, including the best dates for wedding. But Americans particularly, like to tie the knot in June (this month).

According to an interesting recent research done by nutrition experts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, some useful suggestions are being advised by the experts to those who are going to or have already tied the knot.

The interesting stuff to be noted here is that the research shows both men and women tend to gain weight once they get married. And this could probably be a more serious issue to the Americans, they tend to lead their marriage lifestyle into the path of obesity as American diets are well-known to contain very high carbs.

Penny Gordon-Larsen, PhD, an associate professor of nutrition, suggested that there are a certain number of outcomes after a couple tied the knot. Among the positive ones are decreased of cigarette smoking and lower mortality, the negative one, the one we have came across previously, which is the lead to obesity.

But according to her, these positive as well as the negative aftermaths share a common ground, which is when the people living together after the marriage ceremony tend to share the same behaviors and activity patterns. That basically means, when one of them goes out to exercise, the other tends to follow. Married couples are also said to choose to eat meals together. But sadly, statistics show that married couples nowadays, are more willing to sit around house, watching TV instead of leading an active lifestyle.

Gordon-Larsen also mentioned that for those couples who have lived together for more than 2 years, their activity patterns and lifestyle will be most likely develop the similar weight or obesity patterns as well as their physical activity behaviors. (The latest findings will be published in the Journal of Obesity next month)

In other words, if your partner tends to lead a sedentary lifestyle, it might influence you to lead exactly the same lifestyle after two years, given that you are a newly married man/woman. But as we all know, GT&F products come with various health benefits, if you choose the right decision by consuming the right products, in the long term, your significant other will most likely to follow your pattern (the longest wait would probably be only 2 years, as long as the promise of compromising between each other is secured, that is).

The consequence? You and your eternal half will lead a healthy lifestyle which leaves the word "obesity" out from your marriage.

Drink GT&F milk each day to shape a better marriage!

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