Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leptin Aids in Diabetes

In the midst of last year, a group of terminally ill rodents which are confirmed to have got infected with Type I Diabetes, are now free of the illness after inserted a single injection which contains a substance other than insulin. What's more, these terminally ill rodents were recovered within a mere two weeks time!

All this while, insulin is generally being regarded as the only substance which has main causal factor with the occurence of diabetes. But recent study shows that such postulation is not necessarily to be true.

With pleasant surprises, researches from UT Southwestern Medical Center found that leptin, a hormone produced by the body's fat cells also reduces blood glucose levels in a different way and maintain them in normal range for extended period.

For us GT&F Products consumers, what we understand about leptin is it only plays its role in regulating one's appetite. That is true, but what the new findings reveal specifically, is that leptin actually appears to be the suppressor of glucagon, a hormone which is produced by the pancreas to raise the blood glucose level when needed. The presence of glucagon is inappropriately high when insulin deficiency is noted by the body system. Under such circumstance, glucagon directs the liver to release a large amount of glucose into the bloodstream, resulting in red alert of high blood glucose level. Here's a link which directs you to the UT Southwestern's official website, this particular site could provide you with more insights about the effectiveness of leptin which could potentially aids Type 1 Diabetes patients.

By consuming GT&F Milk Powder, the amount of leptin in our body will be regulated and maintained within a normal range. Apart from controlling your appetite, it also indirectly providing great boosts in many ways in overpowering the deadly diabetes. According to UT Southwesterners, approximately sometime during this year, study on other potential glucagon suppresants and leptin clinical trials will probably be conducted. Let's hope that more people will be benefited by the outcomes.


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