Sunday, August 8, 2010

Biological Clock & Triglycerides

Align CenterPreviously, an article about circadian rhythm is published in this blog site, and as all of you have been informed if you have read it, circadian cycle is so important for all of us, as it basically determines how our biological system works daily. Hence, following how it goes routinely should be done everyday.

Recently, another published study even strengthens the importance of the rhythm. US researchers have recently discovered that, if the body clock (biological clock) or circadian rhythm is disrupted, it could consequently interfere with a normal 24 hour cycle of high and low triglycerides in a way that leaves them at a high level all the time. If such phenomenon occurs, it generally means that the risk of atherosclerosis and heart diseases would increase.

Dr. Hussain and colleagues conducted the study with two batches of mice, where one of the groups consist of normal mice, where they were active at night, coming out to hunt for food, and sleep during the day time. While the other group, was specially bred so that they were adapted to a broken sleep-wake cycle, where the researchers refer them as the "clock mutants". For the clock mutant group, they had no regular pattern in sleep or wake, they were bred in a way that they eat both during the day as well as during night time.

The result of such study showed that, for the normal mice, the level of triglycerides peaked or even doubled when they were asleep, but comes to a lowest point at night when the mice were most active. In the contrary, researchers observed that the clock mutants had their triglyceride levels varied hardly throughout 24 hours, and what is more, the triglyceride levels stayed relatively high all the time.

A high level of triglycerides could cause major bad aftermaths such as metabolic disorders and obesity. Therefore, folks, you might need to start thinking of when to sleep, when to stay active from now onwards.

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