Monday, August 2, 2010

Importance of Socialites

Being lonely, or in other words, keeping yourself remote, away from other individuals in this social circle, is now claimed to be causing bad consequences in human health. To be precise, such phenomenon is said to be on par with other ill effects of human health such as obesity, smoking, alcoholism and inactivity (lack of exercise). Such inclination could harm the lifespan of mankind greatly.

A new study from the United States shown just that. The new study suggests that social interaction should be considered as one of the many important factors in order to extend lifespan. The researchers at Brigham Young University located in Utah, who conducted this study, found that individuals who are having social ties with friends, families, neighbors as well as co-workers can possibly improve odds of survival by as many as 50 percents.

Such analysis was being calculated by pooling the data from 148 published longitudinal studies (which is refers to studies where researchers tracking groups of people from time to time and taking constant observations as the time goes by), and results shown that individuals who had low social interaction had a very much similar impact on lifespan as smoking for about 15 cigarettes a day, or being an alcoholic.

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