Monday, August 9, 2010

Wrong Perception

A study which was published in general media recently has caused some turmoil in medical and nutrition field. The mentioned study was postulating that calcium supplements may increase risk of heart attacks. Such statement does not seems to be coming in congruent with what we are practicing for now. Although GTF Products do not really exist as calcium supplement products, it is more like a product which concerns more on metabolic syndromes, but on the other hand, since it comes in the form of milk (GTF Milk Powder), many users consider that it is one of the many types of calcium supplements.

First thing first, such postulation, although was published in general media, it seems to be flawed. Before we further discuss how such study is not proven right scientifically, let us take a quick view on what the first study has to say about how calcium supplements increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

A recent trial found out that calcium supplements may trigger cardiovascular events in healthy older women, such phenomenon caused a group of researchers to conduct a meta-analysis, which is an analysis where it involves re-analysis of certain results from lots of other studies and as if they belonged to one giant study. From the meta-analysis they have conducted, it appeared that people who took calcium supplements have 31 per cents higher in suffering heart diseases compare to those who do not take in any calcium supplements.

Such results might exist, but it does not appear to be accurate and convinced. According to Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., the vice president of Global Government and Scientific Affairs for the Natural Products Association, he pointed out that such study was not precisely referring that calcium supplements could increase the risk of heart diseases, because there are thousands of studies on calcium, but the authors who conducted the meta-analysis selected only eight to do the meta-analysis, in addition, none of the selected studies had cardiovascular outcomes as the primary end-points. He further encouraged that especially for those populations that are at high risk for fractures to continue their regimens by taking their calcium supplements without distracted by such less than satisfactory study.

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