Friday, May 28, 2010

Yoga Practices for Cancer Survivors

By looking at the picture above, it is none other than one of the very familiar posts in yoga practices. Deriving from wikipedia, yoga is originally a practice where it aims to vary and improve health to achieving Moksha, which is liberation from all worldly suffering and the cycle of birth and death. But nowadays, it has been applied by many people, for many people believe that they could get many health benefits out of it.

That is especially true for cancer survivors. A group of US researchers claimed that, a four-week yoga program which covers breathing, meditation, postures and many other techniques can effectively help in fatigue reduction as well as sleep quality improvement in cancer survivors. Cancer survivors often experience fatigue and poor sleeping pattern. These two symptoms are often the results or more precise to say, the two most common side effects which could affect their quality of lives.

Although cancer survivors often are treated with some specific treatments pharmacologically in order to improve their sleeping problems and fatigue suffered, but in the long run, according to lead investigator, Dr. Karen Mustian, such treatment does not really work out. These treatments do show some effect, but they just would not work well for very long. And hence, researches are looking toward non-pharmacological therapy.

Consequently, The University of Rochester have designed a yoga program specially made for cancer survivors, which is called YOCAS, which involves visualization, meditation, breathing as well as other 18 different poses. A number of participants (where 75 percents of them were breast cancer patients) joined the study and were divided into two groups, where one of them was served with normal post-treatment care, and the other one attended the designed yoga program twice a week, for four weeks.

These are the results experienced by the group which joined the program: Improvement on sleep quality (22%), reduced incidence of clinically impaired sleep (31%), less daytime sleepiness (29%). As for the one who were treated with normal treatment, the results for the mentioned three aspects were only 12%, 16% and 5% respectively. Not only the yoga program works so effectively in these aspects, it also works its way to an extent that it reduces fatigue, and also reducing their use of sleep medication by 12%.

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