Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Extra Benefits of Ginger

It has been a long time since this blog is updated! And now, latest health information and posts are coming back and will continuously brought to you by GTF Worldwide Sdn Bhd! Today's article will be very much concerning the goods of ginger.

For many centuries, gingers have been used to treat many ailments and discomforts, such as stomach upsets, cold and others. Other than serving as a miraculous remedy for the problems stated, based on a very recent study, ginger is also said to be have the ability to curb muscle pain.

Patrick O'Connor, a professor of the department of kinesiology, pointed out that ginger can exert anti-inflammatory effects in rodents, but as far as human is concerned, no specific experiments have been done on them, and this renders the effect of ginger to human unexplored.

Hence, O'Connor conducted a study just to investigate the effects of ginger on human's muscle problems. In conjunction to this piece of experiment, O'Connor had gathered 34 and 40 participants and were divided into two different groups, which consume raw or heated treated ginger which existed in the forms of capsule (2 grams for each person), and placebo for 11 consecutive days, respectively.

On the 8th day, these people were asked to conduct 18 extensions of exercises which contribute to moderate muscle injury to the arms. To make things sounded more accurate, the conditions of participants were examined three days prior the exercises as well as three days after the exercises were performed.

As a result, participants who consumed daily ginger supplement reduced the pain of inflammation by 25 percents. Although consuming heat-treated ginger does not enhance the reduction of pain (still stays at 25 percents), it clearly shows that those who did not consume ginger supplement did not experience such beneficial effects.

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