Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gum & Diabetes

By referring to the illustration above, a blue colored mouth can be observed. But it is not the mouth we are discussing about today, but more importantly, the issue we are focusing on for this post is about one of its inner part, which is the gum, or more scientifically also known as periodontium (the tissues that support the teeth). One of the latest research found that periodontitis (diseases relating to periodontium or gum) could possibly makes a close linkage with the occurrence of diabetes.

But how does that possible? All this while, people are just treating diabetes as one of the possible factors which contribute to the break-out of periodontitis. But now, the other way round seems to be the correct instead?

Although there was not enough evidence to prove it, but a research team led by researchers at the University of Edinburgh and supported by colleagues at the Peninsula Dental School, the University of Ottawa and UCL Eastman Dental Institute suggested that the treatment of gum disease could lower blood glucose level in oneself.

The theory behind this is when oral hygiene is not properly carried out, bacteria can infect the mouth and cause inflammation very easily, and thus, certain chemical changes can reduce the effectiveness of insulin produced in the body. As a result, diabetics experience higher difficulties to control their blood sugar level. Therefore, while consuming GTF Products, please be sure to take care of your oral hygiene as well.

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