Saturday, March 20, 2010

Science of Alcohol

The number of individuals who drink alcohol is on the rise. Not only the rising inclination worries the nation, the worse news is that, the rise of the numbers concerns with the young ones. These days, more and more youngsters begin to give alcohol a try, and what is more, they think it is cool by drinking a glass or two with their fellow peers.

Among these peers, what makes people worrying the most, is that girls are often being tempted to get indulged in these alcoholic beverages more than the guys, due to certain undefined reasons. Peer pressure, perhaps? But we are not talking about the statistics of which gender enjoys drinking the most, but today we are focusing on the females who drink.

Girls who drink alcohol, should be remain cautious all the time. Why? There are certain reasons to worry about:

Firstly, girls appear to be relatively light-weighted compare to the boys, which means, when drinking the same amount of alcohol as the boys do, the blood alcohol level of the girls will rise in a quicker manner compare to the boys, and so, the girls might experience a longer intoxicated period. With the same reason, the girls might get alcohol poisoning so much easier because by just drinking relatively small amount of alcohol, it could already spell troubles for them.

Secondly, girls have less water than boys do. In a girl's body, there is slightly higher proportion of fats than lean muscle tissues. Also because of this, alcohol gets intoxicated pretty much easier in girls because alcohol gets concentrated easily when the water content is lower.

Apart from that, girls appear to have lesser enzymes to break down alcohol. Alcohol dehydrogenases, for example, is one of the seven enzymes that break alcohol down and eventually processed by the body. Since girls have fewer amount of them, it does not appear to be any easier for them to metabolize the alcohol consumed.

So, what is the good things to drink then? To top it all, boys won't like girls who drink, don't you think? But milk-drinking is completely a different case, especially high quality milk such as GT&F Milk which provides various benefits to your body.

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