Friday, March 26, 2010

Optimistic Immune System

Is optimistic a really important attitude to be applied in our daily lives? Though sometimes, when we appear to be optimistic, hoping for the best from something in progress, it does not guarantee that your expected outcome would appear before you. But at least, there's something which you can take heart from this optimistic attitude.

In a recent study, it suggests that being an optimistic person, it enhances your immune system. One study, which was published in the journal of Psychological Science had been carried out based on such postulation. Researchers whom participated in this study had recruited some 124 first year law students for a 6-month period. During this period, the students would be studied for five times.

Here's how it goes, each time these students were studied, they were asked questions pertaining to what extent they are actually behaving optimistically. Those questions were specifically about the law school which they were studying in, and also some questions concerning about how they would fare in the near future.

Each time after the students were examined, they were then injected some material which would stimulate immune response within their body. When immune response is strong, larger bump in the skin would appear. Whenever the students answered the questions optimistically. In other words, when they answered with positive as well as assertive answers, larger bumps were observed in their skins compared to those who gave relatively pessimistic answers.

Although immune system of different individuals is of course, different by nature as well, and such study does not appear to be too convincing in the field of science. But positively, this leaves some traces to future researches. We now understand that at least, immune responses in our body are somehow closely related to how we think about ourselves either presently or in the future.

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