Saturday, March 27, 2010

Manage Your Voice

Ever seen our very own nutritionists giving speeches on the stage in the company? Ever seen the crowned managers giving incredible motivational talks on the podium? These people, not only do they use their creativity to the full extent in order to make audience on the floor to be attentive, they also fully use their attractive voice to win over the listeners.

In conjunction with the upcoming World Voice Day which will be held on 14th April, today we're having an article all about voice. From giving lectures in schools to yelling and cheering for your favorite team in the upcoming World Cup Finals which will be held in South Africa very soon, all these mentioned activities involve the usage of your voice. And according to Lee M. Akst, M.D., assistant professor in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, he mentioned that these activities or other normal forms of activities such as talking on the phone would harm and damage our voices.

With that, several occupations, are deemed to cause occupational hazards on the involved worker. Not only singers, but other occupations such as coaches, teachers, broadcasting journalists, attorneys and other occupations which require to use voice a lot are all in danger in encountering damaging with voice.

If speaking discomfort such as hoarseness occurred for about two weeks, and it accompanies with ear pain, swallowing and breathing difficulties, that might indicate a serious vocal cord condition. When this really happens, you should be get your feet off and go for ear-nose-throat specialist as immediately as you could.

Let us give credits to those who use their voice in their occupations and pay tribute to them alongside with the upcoming World Voice Day!

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