Saturday, December 5, 2009

Protein Balancing Instead

By following the historical datas found out by many scientists and researchers, cutting down in calories intake appear to be the main factor in waving your hands, welcoming many health benefits into your body, and many others too, they believe that by restricting calorie intake, you can also increase your longevity, ie: your lifespan.

But such restriction, must be presented in such a way that the diet contains enough vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, for they are vital in keeping many organisms, including mice, rats , Rhesus monkeys and fruit flies to live in longer times and acquiring a better health.

Researchers from UCL Institute of Healthy Ageing were putting efforts in an investigation about whether it is by restricting calorie intake that led to increased health benefits, or just by reducing specific nutrients we take in?

For the study which is published in the journal of Nature, the researchers discovered that by varying the amounts and proportions of amino acids (that is, the building blocks of life, where they are the simplest unit which make up various kinds of proteins and complex compounds that take part in majority of the processes which are essential to keep to organisms to be alive) in the diet, lifespan and fertility of female fruit flies could be affected greatly. Fruit flies, although do not look like human, and we have four times the number of genes that they have, but many genetic discoveries suggested that how their genes behave, can often be matched with human counterparts.

The researchers found that the methionine, one of the essential amino acids, was crucial in determining the lifespan and fertility of an organism. When they added it to a low calorie diet, fertility is boosted without reduction in lifespan. And strangely, when they reduced its amount in a high calorie diet, lifespan is extended instead.

In other words, key to healthy long life could lie in balancing protein intake rather than calorie restriction. But further investigation and researches are needed to be done before clearer pictures can be presented to the public.

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