Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lead & Anxiety

Global warming, the melting of icebergs in the extreme ends of the world, all thse undesirable consequences are all results of human doings. And thus, nowadays, many developed as well as developed countries such as Malaysia, are calling up all other countries to join forces to tackle such problems, hoping that aftermaths which we have foreseen in the famous movie, 2012, would not happen, or won't occur as quickly as expected.

That is why, many countries and industries are introducing many green technologies and green techniques in order to curb many poisonous as well as harmful gases to our mother earth, as well as to human. One of those gases, is lead (Pb).

One of the JAMA/Archives journals in December issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, suggested that lead, a well-known neurotoxicant that is ubiquitous in the environment, when exposed to individuals who categorized within the adult populations, the neurotoxic effect could be greater than that experienced by the general population.

Maryse F. Bouchard, Ph.D., M.Sc., of hte University de Montreal, Canada suggested that low-level of lead exposure could disrupt brain processes, where these processes are the ones which involve neurotransmitters that are associated with depression and panic disorder. As for those who have experienced depression or any related disorders, exposure to lead could further trigger its development, causing them more severe.

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