Saturday, December 12, 2009

Irregular Arm Swing

Central nervous system plays a very important part in our body, for it functions to coordinate the activity of all parts of our bodies. But when there is any occurrence of degenerative disorder upon the central nervous system, that certain individual would suffer impairment such as the retardation of motor skills, speech, and other essential functions; and such disorder, is very well-known as Parkinson's Disease.

Recently, neurologists in the United States suggested that normal people, like you and me, can actually estimate ourselves whether or not a person has Parkinson's Disease, merely through plain observation.

What they have suggested, is that when individuals walking with irregular arm swings, that could very well be an early sign of Parkinson's Disease. So, what kind of arm swing patterns should we take note on?

According to experts, they claimed that decreased arm swing while walking is the most frequently reported motor dysfunction in people with such disease (Parkinson's Disease). They also postulated that individuals who have Parkinson's Disease, their upper bodies are not as well documented as for the lower bodies in the early stages of the disease.

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