Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How does She Quit?

Surprisingly, when men smoke, people tend to treat that as a normal phenomenon, but when you see a woman or a female smokes in front of you, a bad perception and impression might strike your mind out of a sudden.

What makes women smoke? Many would have guess that they smoke, because, they experienced the same thing men do. Many times, they blamed that on stressful situation at work, problems in marriage and so on.

But according to a new meta-analysis (results of several studies), it suggests that women do not quit smoking because they are afraid of gaining weight. True enough, scientifically, nicotine which presents in the cigarette has the ability to suppress one's appetite and boosts a smoker's metabolism. But the after effect of smoking could be hazardous as it could cause death by shortening your life span greatly.

So, for those female smokers, how should they quite smoking? Is there any other alternatives where it helps female smokers to quite smoking? Gratefully, the mentioned findings suggest that women who quit smoking while receiving treatment for weight control are better ablt to control their weight gain and are more successful at quitting cigarettes.

Based on a recent paper which published in the Journal of Addiction, the study showed that women who addressed both smoking treatment as well as weight control treatment were 29 percent more likely to quit smoking in short term (about three months) and 23 percent in the long term (about six to fourteen months), compare to those who only conduct smoking treatment.

This latest study would certainly encourage more and more females to quit smoking as it encouraging as far as weight management is concerned.

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