Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alarming Increase

Loyola University has conducted a latest study on diabetic patients recently, and the result of their research suggested that one out of five Type 2 diabetics is morbidly obese. This article focuses only on US diabetics. But although the United States appear to be a well known Western country, while the country we're currently living in, Malaysia, is an Eastern country. Two far continents do not seem to have any intimate connections with each other. If you think that way, you're probably wrong, as diseases are normally circulated from the Western side towards the Eastern side.

In this article too, we will be looking at some statistics about the diabetics in the United States:

Based on Dr. Holly Kramer, a kidney specialist and lead author of the study published online in the Journal of Diabetes and its complications, as well as fellow researchers, between the study periods between the year of 1976-1980 and 2005-2008, there was an alarming 141 percent of increase in the rate of morbid obesity among adults with Type 2 Diabetes.

In regards to that, they also found that the greatest growth in obesity has been among diabetics who are morbidly obese. Approximately two-thirds of adults in the United States with Type 2 Diabetes are obese and about one third of them without diabetes are obese. If we look into BMI, obesity is defined as having a BMI value greater than 30, but based on the findings between 1976-2006, the average BMI of Type 2 Diabetics increased to 34.2.

If such phenomenon does not come to a halt, as a result, more and more diabetics will resides within us. Without hesitating, drink GTF Milk Powder now to boost your defense against the deadly diabetes!

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