Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cells Implantation for Diabetes

As at 29th July 2009, newspapers all around Malaysia are reporting the emergence of the 4th case of death which relates to H1N1. Such case has caused serious turmoil in several local universities too including UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) and UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia). H1N1 was originally perceived as a disease which is caused by swines (pigs), which in the end turns out to be an uncorrected proof.

Since everything in the sophisticated society nowadays revolves around swines and pigs, researchers in a New Zealand biotechnology company has announced that they will soon implanting pig cells into the body of diabetes sufferers.

The reason? Simple enough. They had scientifically claimed that the incorporation of pig cells into human body can actually stimulate the production of insulin hormones from the pancreas. Although this does not seem to be able to cure the condition, but it would probably reduce a large amount of insulin intake by diabetics.

Such natural method, as in allowing our body to produce insulin hormones, is indeed a very good news, particularly to the people who suffer from diabetes. But is this way of implantation could really benefit humankind without any side effects? And to a large part of fellow Malaysians, this method just does not seem to be serving any purposes at all.

Some scientists were postulating that by implanting pig cells into the human body could prove to be fatal as such doing could possibly introduce the existence of new virus. As a matter of fact, this consequence seems to be very possible. But Dr. Elliot, managing director of the mentioned biotechnology company insisted that the postulation made by the scientists as "too theoretical".

No doubt, that seems to be a treatable method, but should we become ignorant about the existence of GT&F Products? The product invention by Prof. Mao has proven time after time, about how it could effectively reduce the blood glucose level and eliminating any possible metabolic syndromes. Most importantly, the consumption of the products does not appear to show any sign of side effects at all.

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