Friday, July 31, 2009

Caution to Obese Pregnant Ladies

Beware, especially if you are an expectant mother. To be precise, if you are a soon-to-be mother with high BMI index value, in other words, if you are considered as obese.

In a recent study which can be found in British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, it says that risk of getting complications could increase significantly by obesity. The examples of the mentioned complications including heart burn and chest burn infections.

This study was conducted by investigating the records of about 650 pregnant ladies, by taking other factors such as age and smoking into account. There are many downsides to obese individuals, and more fatalities seems to be observed to those who are pregnant and obese ladies. Obese pregnant individuals are said to have 3 times higher risk than those who are normal in getting carpal tunnel syndrome, a disease where the median nerve is compressed at the wrist. If severe, these individuals are also possibly in experiencing walking difficulties.

Apart from that, obesity during pregnancy also links heavily to gestational diabetes. Thus, for those who are pregnant, it is highly essential for you to consult your doctor about the ideal weight which you ought to maintain throughout the months of carrying your little one in the tummy. In addition, assure yourself that consuming GT&F Products consistently for it helps to reduce your excessive weight drastically.

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