Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Crisis of Infertility

Ever worried about fertility? Ever feeling anxious about the fact of not having an offspring after years of marriage? Please read on.

We grow up with our conservative parents, resulting we too, becoming conservative people. Thus, we did not expose ourselves to certain topics, such as fertility and sterility. These two are considered as the major taboo topics, older people back then were even prohibited to talk about these topics.

But to be frank, sterility of either one of the couples prove to be fatal to a once happy marriage. But do you know what causes the infamous impotency?

The outcome links very closely to your eating habit!

A study has been published in the journal of Fertility and Sterility on March 2009, claiming that the types of food which you consume relates very intimately with semen quality.

The study was carried out by gathering 61 participators. These individuals who took part in the study were divided into two groups, namely, cases (30 men who experience reproductive problems) and control (31 men whom are considered as normal as far as reproductive system is concerned).

The main objective of this study is to find out whether by consuming foods which contain antioxidants could affect the quality of semen.

Results turned out that men who appeared to have good semen quality, consumed more vegetables and fruits (which basically contain more vitamins, folic acid and fibre and less proteins and fats). Whereas for those men who consumed high protein foods, such as processed meat, they have relatively inferior seminal quality.

GT&F NutriCARE provides the best materials as it contains 18 multi grains, cereal fibers, which of course, not lacking of the important antioxidants.

All this while, we thought that antioxidants only play a pivotal role in cancer prevention, but little do we know that it plays a crucial role in preventing impotency as well.

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