Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vitamin C & Diabetes

Years after years of study, scientists and professionals whom involve in the medical field were looking for the solution in reducing the diabetes damage done by the horrifying disease, diabetes.

Many diabetic patients, especially for those who are not aware of the existence of GT&F Products, are rely and solely depend on the intake of insulin treatments and medicines. Little do they know that the precious trivalent chromium which can be found in our products could help them miraculously.

Thus far, researchers at the Herald Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center looked deep into their new findings on the powerful role of Vitamin C in overpowering diabetes damages, particularly damages caused by Type 1 Diabetes. Their research steals the limelight in this week's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, where it show signs that Vitamin C reuce the blood vessel damage in blood vessels of Type 1 Diabetic patients who have poor glucose control.

By reducing diabetes damage, it literally means that the patients could avoid some of the fatal consequences with the likes of heart disease, amputations, kidney disease and retinopathy.

In an earlier project done in Italy and Hungary, the scientists there postulated that the cells in our body hold the "memory" in allowing the damage to continue even when the blood sugar level is controlled. But surprisingly, to their findings later on, when Vitamin C is introduced, this type of "memory" dissapeared and consequently, the damages come to a halt.

Nonetheless, this experiment used a very high doses of Vitamin C and administered directly into the blood stream of target patients. Vitamin C plays its role as one of the famous anti-oxidants, however, scientists have yet to determine whether Vitamin C can really halt the chain of serial damages done by diabetes.

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