Saturday, February 19, 2011

Listen to Your Legs

Next time whenever you move your legs, whenever you are walking, whenever you are using your legs to do certain movements, listen attentively. Do they cry out to you, scream in agony where painfulness can be felt all of a sudden? If they tell you so, beware that some other parts of yours might be in trouble!

A recent investigation about legs and heart had been conducted, and the results showed somewhat positive about certain association between the two parts of our body. In the United States, there are approximately nine million Americans who raised concerns about their leg problems are associated with heart complications as well. And unluckily, normally heart diseases of theirs are difficult to be discovered.

Researchers referred to such heart disease as PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease). PAD plays a role as a silent killer as they lurk within the human body without any visible symptoms. Its existence is now being closely linked with leg complications which are experienced by many today. Studies show that when one feel that his or her legs become painful while walking, or due to other factors such as disability, sometimes such circumstances happened due to the narrowed arteries in legs, which causes blood clogged or blood blockages. When arteries in legs are blocked, it also means there are arteries blocked somewhere else in the body and it is strongly related to the blockage of arteries near the heart.

Being a silent disease, PAD nonetheless is sometimes associated with the following symptoms:

- Fatigue, heaviness, tiredness in certain parts of legs, such as calf or thigh.

- Foot as well as toe pain which directly disturbs sleeping patterns.

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