Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nutritional Resolutions

A few weeks have passed since the announcement that we have stepped into the brand new year of 2011. Many people, I reckon, have made their personal new year resolutions, and of course, vowed to make their resolutions no longer a dream, but a reality within this year. This post is also serves as a reminder to some readers whom have made their resolutions that, "Hey, you've got some resolutions to fulfill!" Among the very common new year resolutions, are those which you can see in the picture above. But for those who have yet made any resolutions for yourself, you can try this very exclusive new year resolution out which The GTF Team is about to tell you, and what is more, it comes with some guidance too.

As how the title implies, this post is all about the healthy eating resolution. Besides treating "losing weight" as one of the outcomes of this resolution, more importantly is to have a healthier body this time around. A registered dietitian from Porter Adventist Hospital, Britanny Glassett explained that to achieve a healthy-eating goal this year, making a S-M-A-R-T decision is very important. S-M-A-R-T consists of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. In other words, instead of reminding yourself that you need to eat better this year, you should making more specific promises to yourself, such as only have one fast food meal once in every two months.

Other than that, there are 5 simple changes which could bring you drastic differences. The first is none other than reducing the intake of carbohydrates. Instead of taking in carbohydrates, replace them with whole grain products. Not only whole grain products contain large amount of heart-friendly substances, vitamins and minerals, they are also able to make you full without taking in much carbohydrates. As a consequence, weight-losing becomes very feasible.

The second thing which you could consider is about adding more colors into your meals. By saying adding more colors, it does not refer to adding more food additives like those unhealthy coloring, but mix up more leafy green vegetables and fruits into your meals. Those are great antioxidant sources! You could tell yourself to try a new fruit/vegetable a month, through this, you would have also learn the existence of 12 different foods which you have never approached before in your lifetime.

Breakfast might be a routine for many people, but it can be also just a skippable meal for many people. For those who skip breakfast regularly, the cancellation of this routine is strongly recommended. If you skip breakfast most of the time, treat this as one of your new year resolution. Breakfast is so important that it could determine whether you live your day lively or dull like a the mud.

Next up, it is high time now for you to change the oil you use in the kitchen. Though we know that dining at home is so much better than having the foods outside as it can be very healthy (depends on the cooking-style), but we should also know that most households use vegetable oils to cook. Vegetable oil contains Omega-6 fatty acids, which can be found excessively in an American diet, and it is no good as it causes inflammations and other diseases in human body. Instead of using vegetable oil, canola or olive oil are the better choices.

If you are a person who is keen to writing stuffs, keeping a food diary can be a useful tool for you this year. Many studies show that those who write in a food diary to keep track about their very own food journals proved to have higher chances in achieving their weight management goals.

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