Saturday, January 29, 2011

Distress Spouse

Diabetes is the main disease which GTF Worldwide Sdn Bhd would like to eradicate. Diabetic patients are often fighting hard to overcome the problems which haunt them now and then, they tried many types of medications and treatments, but very little are aware of the presence of GT&F Products, which are formulated to specially improve diabetes and other related metabolic syndromes. While the patients are trying hard, we often forget about what their spouses (if they have one) are experiencing most of the time.

Melissa M. Franks, an assistant professor of child development and family studies found that spouses of older diabetic patients who are dealing not well with diabetes are suffering from stress as far as diabetes and its management is concerned. Franks mentioned that spouses of diabetic patients always feel the responsibilities they are shouldering all the while when their the other halves are not controlling diabetes as good as expected. After certain moments have passed, the spouses could develop great distress and slowly transforms into depression.

What is more, Franks and colleagues postulated that spouses feel the same way as the diabetic patients do, and thus contribute to the presence of sadness. Researchers also found that when male patients were concerned about the management of their diabetes, their depressive symptoms were elevated more than those for female patients with similar levels of concerns.

To prevent such phenomenon, one of the most useful things to do, is to consume GT&F Products , especially if you are a diabetic patient or a health-conscious person, and of course together with your beloved spouse!

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