Thursday, November 25, 2010

Binge Drinking Doubles!

When we were small, we always see those who were older than us, enjoy drinking, yes, drinking alcohol (liquor) is what we meant here. In those childhood memories, all we could recall about alcohol, were probably bitter taste, disgusting wastage which came out from the mouths of those who suffered hangovers. As a result, as a kid ourselves when we were younger, the word alcohol actually disgusted us.

But as we grew older ourselves, alcohol seems to be the "in-thing" gradually. A man who does not drink alcohol does not seemed to be "cool", as majority of men were foreseen as individuals who will involve themselves in business in the near future, and engaged in functions relating to alcohol drinking. As time passes by, it is now turned out to be a generation where even females like to drink a cup or two.

Conventionally, we know that excessive alcohol would bring bad bad consequences, nobody likes hangovers, nobody likes bad breath which is caused by excessive drinking. And worst of all, previously binge drinking is known to cause damages to liver, kidney and even cause heart disease, guess what, binge drinking is now known to have the potential to double your chances of having heart diseases!

A study which was conducted in France and Belfast (in Northern Ireland), found that binge drinking can nearly increases two times the risk of getting heart disease. The reason why these two places were chosen for this study, was because in France, middlemen usually consume alcohol very evenly throughout the week, while middlemen drinkers in Belfast consume relatively higher amount of alcohol in one day, and those days were only during the weekends. As a matter of fact, the drinkers in these two areas have about the same amount of alcohol consumed averagely, in a week.

A binge drinker was defined by researchers as drinkers who consume more than 50g of alcohol in a short period of time, and hence participants who reported regularly drinking four or five 125 ml glasses or more of wine or half pints of beer on a single day would be classed as binge drinkers. As a results of this study, the mean alcohol consumption among Belfast drinkers was 22.1g per day, while the French consumed 32.8g per day. But since drinkers in Belfast consumed relatively higher amount of alcohol in a short period of time (that is, averagely relatively more than French drinkers in a day), the prevalence of middlemen drinkers in that particular area who experienced heart complications was also increased 20 times higher than the drinkers in France.

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