Monday, November 22, 2010

Benefits of Pomegranate

Many fruits are said to bring great benefits to human. For example, in the past, oranges (citrus fruits) are recommended strongly by doctors, and as the time goes by, everybody is advising everybody else to take oranges too, because it does proved to be a good source of antioxidant as well as a kind of fruit where it is able to prevent certain diseases. But for now, the medical field discovers another fruit which could bring additional benefits.

Pomegranate is the name of the fruit. Recent analyzes showed that individuals who drank pomegranate juice appear to be experiencing lesser cardiovascular events, as pomegranate juices are said to reduce cholesterol, lower excessive blood pressure, which in turns reducing the chances of premature death.

Other than that, the authors of the article (published article about the health benefits of pomegranate juices, source from American Society of Nephrology, ASN) also mentioned that by drinking the controlled amount of pomegranate juice, this may reduce the complications which often occur to dialysis patients.

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