Friday, July 16, 2010

Circadian Rhythm

Align CenterCircadian rhythm is a very important aspect in our lives. Having to mention circadian rhythm, we need to understand what a circadian clock is. Circadian clock affects the daily rhythms of many physiological processes in our body daily.

Assuming a healthy person who always follow his or her daily routine, the correct or well-arranged circadian clock should be as follows:

2:00AM - Deepest sleep
4:30AM - Lowest body temperature
6:45AM - Sharpest blood pressure rise
7:30AM - Melatonin secretion stops
8:30AM - Bowel movement likely
10:00AM - High alertness
2:30PM - Best coordination
3:30PM - Fastest reaction time
5:00PM - Greatest cardiovascular efficiency and muscle strength
6:30PM - Highest blood pressure
7:00PM - Highest body temperature
9:00PM - Melatonin secretion starts
10:30PM - Bowel movements suppressed
The circadian clock above shows what we should normally do in our daily routine. This is really important as any disruption of our circadian rhythm could affect us greatly sometimes. At times, individuals could feel restless and unnatural if the usual circadian rhythm is not followed.

What is more, there is a newest study which concerns about circadian rhythm, where certain disruption could lead to diabetes occurrence. According to Dr. Takahashi, he pointed out that the disruption of daily clock may contribute to diabetes by impairing the pancreas' ability to deliver insulin. As you may know, when the secretion of insulin by pancreas is disrupted, the blood sugar level could increase, and thus causing diabetes.

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