Friday, February 5, 2010

Do You Snore?

Looking at the picture above, for sure you might encounter such situation before. Or perhaps, you are the one who does this to your spouse during your sleeping time? Snoring, indeed is a problematic act as far as sleeping is concerned.

Scientifically, snoring can be closely related to a syndrome which is known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or simply known as OSA. So what is OSA? OSA is normally characterized as a type of sleep disorder where the sufferer would experience pauses in breathing during sleeping period. Normally, an individual who has such symptom, holds on to such episodes of breathing patterns throughout the sleeping period.

OSA is not a normal phenomenon in every individual, though. Such sleep disorder, is known to have the potential to cause premature death. Especially when an individual is a loud snorer during the sleeping period, and doesn't feel rested enough during daytime, suffers from morning headache, dry mouth and/or sore throat as well as imparied concentration, his or her heart could be at risk.

Researchers often relate high blood pressure with OSA. The reason behind such postulation, is because based on careful observations, patients who require 3 or more medications to control their currently existed hypertension, would probably have an 80% chance of having OSA. Not only OSA seems to be a prevalent disorder in hypertension patients, the chances of its existence is also very high especially in individuals whom have heart failure (50% higher), trial fibrillation (50% higher), and coronary artery disease (40% higher). Researchers also mentioned that, if these individuals who also suffer from OSA, goes untreated, OSA could double the risk for death during the next 5 five, a phenomenon which is quite excruciating.

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