Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sleep Early

Kids are told to sleep early especially when these kids have grown up to a state that they start to step into the school's compound. Why are parents instructing their kids to do so? Are they afraid that their kids would not wake up on time for their schooling sessions? Or worry that they will not able to concentrate during the classes? There seem to be many factors, but now, another factor might attract the attentions of the parents, or even the adolescents themselves.

A study in January issue of the journal Sleep, suggested that adolescents with bedtime set earlier by parents were significantly less likely to suffer from depression and the inclination of committing suicide.

A shocking result reveals that for children whose sleeping time which were set at midnight or later, the risk of getting depression is increased by 24% while the thought of committing suicide will be increased by 20%, compare to the sleeping time set by parents which is at 10pm or earlier. Those are the statistics for sleeping time, but you would of course wondering does the time duration for a good sleep affect as well?

The answer is ---yes. There are also statistics which prove this from the same study. For those adolescents who sleep for merely five hours or fewer, the chances of developing depression is 71% more likely, while it is 48% more likely to have suicidal thoughts.

Thought this study only targeted the young ones, but of course, for adults, especially working people, a good night sleep is equally important too. There are also studies which show that suicidal thoughts could be developed if an adult do not get enough sleep each day. Other than suicidal thought, other complications such as high blood pressure, heart diseases would also occur should one's biological clock goes haywire.

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