Friday, January 15, 2010

Induced Tumor

Stress, is a dreadful word for every single person. Perhaps it is not so apparently seen among the children and adolescents, but it is a very strong word especially to majority of the working people and individuals who has a career.

According to, Stress is a feeling that's created when we react to particular events. When a challenging, tough situation is met with focus, strength, heightened alertness as well as stamina, stress emerges as the body's way of rising to the occasion.

The human body responds to events which cause stress by activating certain specific hormones as well as the nervous system. Firstly, hypothalamus gives way to adrenal glands to produce more adrenaline hormones as well as a handful of cortisol. These hormones are like energy boosters, where they increase your breathing rate, speeds up your heart pumping rate, blood pressure, and of course, your metabolism rate is also elevated.

In a recent study which was conducted in Yale University, researchers found that stress could induce signals that cause cells to develop into tumors. But firstly, we need to understand how a tumor grows. According to most researchers, they believed that the growth of tumor is caused by more than one cancer-causing mutation to take place in a single cell.

However, researchers at Yale found that these mutations did not need to co-exist in the same cells to cause tumors, and a finding in regard to this, suggesting that it is much easier for a tissue to accumulate mutations in different cells than in the same cell.

The study which they conducted by using fruit flies, found that stressful conditions, for example a wound, can already afford to trigger cancer formation. The leader of the Yale Team, Xu Tian, reckoned that a lot of different conditions can trigger stress signaling, among those included in the list are physical stress, emotional stress, infections as well as inflammations.

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