Saturday, October 31, 2009

Smoking vs Exercise

Several articles about smoking have been published within this blog site, and we believe that all the people who live in this world, know very well that smoking can cause harmful effects in human health. People are just listing out the bad aftermaths of smoking, but today, we are going to show you a latest findings which could very well reduce the frequency of smoking for smokers.

In the journal, Addiction, it states that exercise can help smokers to quite smoking because it does help in making cigarettes less attractive than how it should. This study was from the University of Exeter, which shows for the first time that exercise can actually lessen the power of cigarettes and any smoking-related images which could attract smokers.

A very recent technology which is called the eye-tracking technology, is used in this study. The purpose of the utilization of this new technology is to record and measure the eye movements of participants in this study. This study, which involved 20 moderately heavy smokers, seemed to be an effectively one as far as the attractiveness of smoking-related images to the smokers is concerned.

This study showed that there's a little bit difference between the participants who have undergone exercises compared to those who did not. According to the outcome of the eye-tracking technology, simple exercise such as 15-minutes brisk walking could reduce the cravings or responses to any smoking cues.

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