Saturday, October 3, 2009

Large Fat Cells

Type 2 Diabetes has been revolve around us for quite some time, and this deadly disease, has long been considered as a disease which is uncurable. Scientists and researchers did not seem to successfully develop a specific vaccine for it.

Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Frank Mao for giving birth to GT&F Products which had brought so many benefits to numerous consumers in all these years. Although such a great and magnificent product has been developed several years ago, researches about diabetes must be continued at all cost for the sake of human health.

The latest piece of study which concerns about diabetes has been published in one of the issues in the scientific journal FASEB, a study which is extensively based on the population of women in Gothenburg Kvinnoundersokningen i Goteborg.

The result of the study indicates that women who store large fat cells within their bodies, would probably tend to have the potential in developing Type 2 Diabetes. Thus, a relationship between fat cells and Type 2 Diabetes can therefore be postulated as follow:

"The higher the waist-to-height ratio, the higher the risk in developing Type 2 Diabetes."

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