Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OPP ~ 21st Century Breakthrough Health and Beauty (Product Talk)

Knowledge is one of the driving forces of the wellness revolution and in modern societies there is an increasingly health-literate population. Products continually evolve due to technological, cultural and societal change. What was the greatest gift from the advance of biotechnology to health and beauty care in the 21st Century? It should be the GT&F® Milk Powder that mimics mother breast milk.

On 14th September 2009 (Monday), Ms Jessy Lim, a youthful yet eligible nutritionist had shared her knowledge on the GT&F® Milk Powder from all aspects included its history, its published research paper, its health benefits as well as its way to consume to all audiences. Cells group together to form tissues, tissues then group together to form organs and organs will in turn to form body systems. She told the audiences that just as we must have a strong foundation to support a home, so we must have "strong" cells to support good health, and keeping our cells healthy is not difficult, it is just simply as living with GT&F® Milk Powder.

Next up, the night was continued with a motivation talk by one of our crown managers, Mr Sim. He revolved his whole speech around a picture which portrays the relationship between success and motivation. Everyone must have direction in their life. He explained how significant it is in becoming healthy as well as wealthy in order to lead a happy life. Moreover, he also took the opportunity to thank Mr. Lim for providing the entire distributors with full supports in building their own business all the way.

Coming up next, a talk entitled "GTF – 21st Century Breakthrough Health and Beauty" will be presented to you by a doctor, Dr. Lim Li Yi on 28th September 2009 (Monday) and also a motivation talk will be presented to you by Ms Lydia Tung, a crown manager from 8.00pm -10.00pm.

To get rich never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth. ~ Richard Baker

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