Thursday, September 10, 2009

C is for Skin

Vitamin C has long being regarded as a kind of vitamin which aids in preventing diseases like scurvy, and vitamin C is also said to be extremely effective in boosting our immune system. Besides all these greatness vitamin C can bring us, a recent study reveals further hidden strength this microelement can bring upon mankind.

This new role of vitamin C, concerns greatly with the health of our skin. Previously, news and studies of vitamin C in skin treatment seemed to be a statement which did not contain any supportive evidence. But for now, Researchers who hailed from the University of Leicester had found that Vitamin C helps in healing skin wounds as well as protecting DNA damage of skin cells.

Researchers mentioned that the ultraviolet rays from the sun might cause skin lesions, and in the long run, might also cause the occurrence of skin cancer, through the free radical formation and DNA damage. Such findings that Vitamin C aids in skin treatment just appear as a great gospel to all who are very much concern about their skins.

GT&F Products have great potentials in maintaining youthful skins in the consumers. In addition, if the consumers simply grab a citrus fruit each day, the skin treatment process as well as the outcome of skin protection will definitely be even greater and synergistic!

With that, further studies will be carried out to determine the relationship between Vitamin C and skin lesions, as well as the potential of Vitamin C in fighting cancers.

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