Monday, July 6, 2009

Vegetarians Vs Meat Eaters

Ever since the vegetarians emerged in this sophisticated society, many meat eaters have been criticizing the vegetarians about the foods they consume. Many meat eaters, particularly condemned that the vegetarian foods do not supply sufficient nutrients, thus probably causes the breakdown of body system.

But as the time passes by, many scientific evidences show that vegetarians could actually assimilate the needed nutrients from certain foods which are consumable, just by choosing the right foods; a fact which is undeniable.

Right now, another study has reassured the firm status of vegetarian benefits; that, in some ways, vegetarians are indeed better than meat eaters as far as health is concerned.

British Journal of Cancer recently shows a prospective study which links between vegetarians, meat-eaters and cancer. In this study, among over 61,000 participants (over 32,000 were meat-eaters, 8,500 were non meat-eaters who consume fish and over 20,000 were vegetarians) who took part, some 3,350 individuals from them were diagnosed with cancer (after a 12.2 years of follow up). Of course, this study is independent of other lifestyle behaviors with the likes of smoking and alcohol intake.

Among those cancer sufferers, study shows that some 2,000 individuals were meat-eaters, some 300 were non meat-eaters who consume fish, and around 800 were vegetarians. This result could basically and obviously telling us that meat-eaters emerges as the category of consumers who appear to have higher risk in encountering cancer.

However, in this study, it only shows that the only obvious differences was in cancer which concerns with blood, such as leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Further studies are required to determine any further complication (cancer) which relates to edible foods and our health.

Thus, this piece of news also reveals that by eating fish and prohibits any other types of meat (particularly red meats) seems to be another good way in preventing cancerous complications. In addition, by consuming GT&F products can also boost our immune system and allow it to perform at its peak.

The result? No worries everyday, cancer goes away!


  1. Meat eaters in glucosis or ketosis?

  2. The excessive consumption of meat indicates that the amount of protein consumed is high. As such, ketosis occurrence could happen and it is harmful to human's health.

  3. Meat eaters should die painfully for all the suffering they cause innocent animals to go through.


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