Monday, June 29, 2009

Smoking Provokes Migraine Attacks

There are many testimonies which we witnessed currently as well as in the past, that GT&F Products could indeed effectively improve migraine attacks. But it is equally essential for us to understand a thing or two about this racking disease. Migraine attacks indeed are really tormenting experiences which you do not want to deal with in your entire life. Without proper handling of the problem, migraine could cause you to go mad virtually without paying attention to anything which revolves around you.

In the meantime, we understand that smoking could also causes fatal consequences to the smokers. Besides polluting the environment, it also pollutes your internal organs. Various hazardous afflictions such as stenosis, lung cancer, heart attacks, pulmonary diseases probably are coming underway, particularly in the body of heavy smokers.

Now, there is a link between smoking with a relatively less deadly, but clearly comparatively torturing disease, namely migraine. A recent study which has been published in the Journal of Headaches and Pain early this year, has been suggesting that smoking more than 5 cigarettes a day triggers this type of headache.

Previously, before conducting this study, there were limited sources which postulated that somehow, smoking could improve migraine attacks by lessen the anxiety in the smokers. This postulation clearly is contradictory with the recent study.

Referring back to the latest study, a total of 361 students were filled in the questionnaire. These medical students were fully aware what a migraine was. Experts with sufficient knowledge on how to distinguish the absence or presence of migraine (as well as its characteristics), and whether or not the individuals are smokers or not, were appointed to guarantee the results obtained throughout the process of this study.

The results show that 16% of students fulfilled migraine criteria, while 20% smoked. The percentage of smokers was higher (29%) in those who were also migraine sufferers and migraine frequency in those students who were migraine sufferers and smokers was clearly higher than in those who were non-smokers and migraine sufferers.

Apart from that, the researchers also stressed on the importance of the number of dosage, and the critical number seems to be "5". In other words, the individuals who participate in this study somehow controlled their cigarette dosage a day to less than 5, because 5 cigarettes per day seems to be the limiting factor which could trigger migraine attacks.

Furthermore, migraine has now been postulated that this kind of attacks might come with heredity factors, as migraine sufferers are born with ion channels in te membrane of the neuron which seems to be more excitable and permeable.

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