Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OPP - Nutrition Care For High Uric Acid

Many people know very well about how GT&F Products function as glucose regulators in human body, but how many people really investigate and understand how it works for other common diseases, such as individuals with high uric acid content in their bodies?

There was a golden chance for all the audiences who attended the OPP last night to understand further about the functions of our very own products.

The important message was delivered by Ms. Lim Li Yi, who had just graduated in the medicine field, and in case you do not know about it, Ms. Lim is the daughter of our dear managing director, Mr. Lim Hua San.

Ms. Lim had taught the audiences about the possible consequences which could potentially cause fatal effects to the high uric acid sufferers, including the formation of kidney stones, gout and many more.

As a doctor herself, she pointed out some useful information about what types of medicines which doctors normally advised their patients to take, namely allopurinol, oxypurinol and probenecid; where the previous two have the abilities to inhibit uric acid formation in the body, while the third one plays its role in the stimulation of uric acid excretion. But as we all know, these medicines are just for temporary purposes, in other words, in the end of the day, it does not eradicate the root of the problem.

But fortunately, GT&F Products which are invented by Prof. Frank Mao seem to have the best contents in eliminating problems caused by high uric acid.

Next up, Mr. Wong took on the stage with a motivation course which literally means "Expanding GTF Business with Your Mind". That catchy phrase certainly caught the attention of the audiences.

Mr. Wong revealed that a course which he joined changed his perspective on many things, he learned that the shift of paradigms and mindsets are the key to anything which is achievable in this world.

Throughout his speech, Mr. Wong emphasized on the importance of a peace of mind. With a tranquilizing mind and soul, nothing will be impossible. In addition, he selflessly shared a few tips which he learned from the expensive course he participated.

Mind-shifting lessons are essential, but apart from that, according to Mr. Wong, appreciation is also a significant factor to success in life. A music video which is literally translated as "A Heart of Thanksgiving" in English, was shown on the white screen, that appeared to be a pleasant moment when the audiences stood up, sang the song along, hand in hand.

Audiences appeared to be very attentive to the wonderfully written song with melodious rhythms. The song then marked the end of the OPP of the night.

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