Friday, March 18, 2011

Diabetes Drugs

For diabetic patients who do not really understand how GTF Products work, they tend to consult doctors and other medical-related officers about ways of treating the disease. As a result, many of these patients do not really know what kind of treatments or what kind of medicines were given to them after each consultation.

Though the government has warned the nation in the fourth quarter of last year in the media, mentioning that certain diabetes drugs, such as rosiglitazone, a diabetes drug which could bring disastrous effect to its consumers, should be prevented, but statistics still showing that a large chunk of total percentage of diabetic patients in our country just would not listen to that piece of advice.

Let us take a good look of how drugs such as rosiglitazone affects our body system. Indeed, rosiglitazone is a drug which can control blood sugar level in our body, but on the downside, it could trigger other hazardous aftermaths, such as heart failure, heart attack, or even death at certain point of time. Researchers in UK and US had taken a study by comparing rosiglitazone and another type of diabetes drug, pioglitazone.

Rosiglitazone appears to have a modest increase of risk in trigerring heart attack compares to its counterpart. Such study involved some 810,000 patients (429,000 on rosiglitazone and 381,000 on pioglitazone), where most of the patients were 60 years of age or above. Compared with pioglitazone, rosiglitazone was associated with a modest but statistically significant increased risk of heart attack (16%), congestive heart failure (23%), and mortality (14%).

Thus, government restriction on such diabetes drugs was implemented. Why putting your life at risk by taking these drugs, while you could enjoy a greater life by just consuming GTF Products?

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  1. Sometimes Diabetic patients have plenty of insulin but they have insulin resistance, which means that insulin is not used effectively by the body. Diabetes Medicines for for people with type 2 diabetes is most effective when combined with exercise and good food planning.


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