Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All About Depression & Others

Recently in the United States, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had a somewhat discouraging results when they screened U.S. adults for depression. The probability of a person getting depression is 0.1, in other words, one in ten U.S. citizens has depression. When the word depression comes into the mind, people could just thought of the sad emotion one experiences. But depression is much more than just negative feelings that one feels, it contains even more than you could think of.

Other than affecting badly the quality of life of somebody, depression can also impacts an individual's physical health. Everybody knows this one. But what exactly could depression turn into when it is left untreated? CDC reported that untreated depression can adversely impact the outcome of such chronic conditions such as asthma, cancer (yes, even cancer), diabetes, obesity and arthritis. When the condition worsens, it could even transform into short-term disability.

So how do we know when one experiences depression? Beware and pay extra attention when symptoms below appear:

- Persistent sadness and the feelings of emptiness

- Acts pessimistic, hopelessly

- Lost of interest in normal activities

- Sudden decrease in energy and quick fatigue

- Difficulties in concentrating and making decisions

- Excessive sleeping or insomnia

- Loses appetite or over-eating

- Suicidal thoughts

- Weird aches that would not ease with treatment

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