Monday, December 27, 2010

Get Some Milk!

Just blink your eyes in a few more times, that's the end of Year 2010, and we are about to embrace and welcome the coming of the brand new Year 2011. Before we really bid farewell to 2010, let us look back at our business in GTF. Speaking of the main stream product in GTF, it will be none other than our very own GT&F Milk Powder!

GT&F Milk Powder contains great great elements that everyone of us would probably already know. Putting all that aside, let us just focus on milk only. Reviewing the whole year in 2010, we can see there were several major researches about milk, and the possible benefits by consuming milk.

There are many studies about milk conducted by different countries from all over the world. Almost all of these studies mentioned that by consuming milk, about three glasses a day, could cut back 18% of risks in developing cardiovascular diseases. Among those studies, there were a few major ones which mentioned the same thing. In America Journal of Nutrition, US researchers stated that taking in dietary saturated fats does not involve in increasing the risk of coronary or cardiovascular diseases.

Apart from that, an Australian study also pointed out that people who ate the most full-fat dairy had a 69% lower risk of cardiovascular death compare to those who consumed the least. Such study was conducted for 16-year long, and it was participated by 1,529 Australian adults. In Denmark, it is said that individuals who consume inadequate amount of calcium daily would impair the compliance to a healthy diet, and hence causing unnecessary hunger at times.

Milk itself already has great benefits in itself, which under this post, refers to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, not forgetting that it is also a vital food to be consumed for the health of our bones. When one drinks GT&F Milk Powder, which contains additional essential element, trivalent chromium, any other metabolic syndromes can be destroyed as well.

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