Thursday, August 19, 2010

B & B (Brain & B Vitamins)

GTF Products are famous for trivalent chromium, other than that, B vitamins can also be found in the products. This type of vitamin is very essential micronutrients for cell metabolism. Other than boosting up body metabolism, it also functions in maintaining healthy skin and muscle tone, immune system enhancement, nervous system functionalities, promoting cell growth and cell division (including red blood cells formation). Such vitamins are co-exist in some foods such as whole grain foods, potatoes, bananas, lentils, chili peppers, tempeh, beans, nutritional yeast, brewer's yeast and molasses (derived from wikipedia).

Knowing all these health benefits which B vitamins can provide us, there is one additional benefit that we can take heart from this micronutrient. U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutritionist Lindsay H. Allen has conducted a research, where she took a closer look at what else B vitamins can offer to human health. According to the study, B vitamins appear to have another amazing effect in preventing decline in brain function, a result which has great positive aftermath as far as medicinal science field is concerned.

The analysis done from the study showed that human with lower levels of one of the B vitamins, which is folate (vitamin B9), is associated with dementia symptoms (which directly leads to poor brain function). Another collaborated result from the study showed that in women (but not men), lower level of folate also associated with the occurrence of depression.

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