Sunday, July 4, 2010

Testosterone in Elderly Men

When men grow older, they tend to experience some difficulties where they would encounter even more numerous times in their elderly period compare to their younger heydays. The hardships which would probably occur during such period including low in sex drive and mood disorders. In order to curb these problems, many elderly tend to take supplements, we are talking about testosterone supplements here today.

Recently, a large U.S. multi-center study revealed a result which is quite alarming for this group of elderly men. As the number of elderly men is on the rise, more and more people join the majority in taking in testosterone supplements. Though taking in these supplements is not life-threatening, but it could result in having greater risks for other complications, such as cardiovascular diseases.

The study included participants who were older than 65 years in age, and about 697 country-dwelling men. These participants were divided into four different groups according to the range of testosterone they consumed. These four groups were further followed up for the next 4 years.

After the mentioned period of record-tracking (nearly 4 years), about 100 men among them, which is about 14 percents of them, had coronary disease event occurred. According to this study, study participants who were categorized under the group which has highest testosterone amount have twofold the risk of coronary diseases than those who were in the group of lowest testosterone range. Thus, a somewhat convincing postulation has been made Kristen Sueoka, the author of the study, who is also, a resident physician at University of California, that the testosterone level in elderly men is closely linked with cardiovascular diseases.

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