Friday, July 23, 2010

Bone Resorption

One of the main organs we have in our human body system, is some structural components which you known as bones. According to wikipedia, bones are rigid organs that form part of the endoskeleton of vertebrates. In other words, this indicates that bones are extremely important especially when you are relating to different but vital functionality such as supportive functions, other internal organs protection of the body, red and white blood cells production, and also minerals storage.

As we all know, ignorance of the importance of bones could lead to hazardous aftermaths. For example, when we do not take in sufficient amount of calcium, bad effects would land upon us, such as osteoporosis, a disease where the human bones begin to fracture at a certain state. This often happen especially in women after menopause, but of course it may also develop in men. When such disease occurs, given its influence in the risk of fragility fracture, osteoporosis may significantly affect life expectancy and the quality of life.

But what we are focusing in this very article, is about bone resorption. One way you could understand what a bone resorption is, is by understanding the theory behind it. Bone resorption is a process where the bone remodeling itself by breaking down the bones, and thereby release the minerals (such as calcium) from the bone fluid to the blood. Such phenomenon could actually release insulin into the bloodstream and improve the uptake of glucose by cells in the entire body.

Researchers led by Columbia University Medical Center discovered that under such circumstance, it actually affects blood sugar regulation. In other words, bone resorption is closely linked to the occurrence of Type 2 Diabetes in a way. According to Dr. Karsenty, bone resorption seems to be favor in insulin secretion in human body, and as he pointed out, for people with osteoporosis, the concern is that a common treatment which is called biphosphonates, where it works by inhibiting bone resorption, could stimulate glucose intolerance. this could further promote full-fledged disease (diabetes) onset.

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