Saturday, June 19, 2010


Mood influences everybody. Whenever or wherever you are, different moods and vibes surround you. Generally speaking, your entire life revolves around moods, moods with ups and downs. The problem now is, how do we manage our moods? Especially during times where we have the types of moods which are bad?

In recent studies, there are two things which we can do to refrain us from experiencing awful moods. The first one, will be exercising. Exercising has been deemed to be a way to make people feel good about themselves. And more often than not, after exercising for quite some time, a person would feel relieved and feels good anytime, anywhere. In other words, this lifts them up as far as moods are concerned.

What is more, a ground-breaking study regarding exercising in recent times, revealed that exercising can also potentially manage one's anger. According to lead investigator Nathaniel Thom, Ph.D, a stress physiologist, the major novel finding from such study shows that the way exercise manages angry mood induction, is just like taking aspirin to prevent a heart attack.

Other than that, music therapy is also a good way to improve our moods. Besides moods, other aspects such as improving coordination skills, well-being enhancement of people who suffer from Alzheimer's and dementia. Moreover, some people can also improve their hearing and speech problems through musics. Musics can even being treated as one of the ways in treating cancers and neurological disorders.

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