Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Connect with the Nature

In this sophisticated society which is fulfilled by many sophisticated people, for example professionals, business persons and other individuals, people tend to get more and more occupation-oriented. Without apparent realization, human who works full time in hoping to get a good income become more and more sluggish over time. This resulting in a very common phenomenon which everyone knows, which is lack of exercise. But there is one more equally important aspect all of us might have neglected previously.

That is, the importance of nature. Surprisingly, according to what Journal of Environmental Psychology, the nature plays a very effective role in preventing people becoming sluggish in their life. A professor of psychology from University of Rochester, Richard Ryan mentioned that nature resembles fuel which exists in a human body. According to him, connecting to the nature energize us, and it gives effects even better than a cup of boosting coffee as it improves us mentally and also physically.

A test was conducted to witness their postulations. Specific experiments were carried out to test on this. Over four days or two week-time, students who participated were asked to write a diary on their own. This very diary must include whether they exercise, their social interaction, outdoor activities, exposure to the outer environment, such as plants. Such diary was meant to measure their energy level as well as their mood.

Result showed that the students felt more energetic when they were exposed to the nature. According to Ryan, with just a mere 20-minute of nature exposure, human feels extremely vitalized. Breathe in some fresh air outside your office some time, it might give you a big hand to achieve greater success in the near future!

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