Thursday, May 6, 2010

Too Little Or Too Much?

Sleeping is always a hotly picked topic in this blog site, the reason why this happens is simply because sleeping is so important, it is so essential that, without proper sleeping period in a day, the rest of the time will turn you into a living zombie. Hence, your sleeping pattern, how long you sleep, is equally important.

Did I just mention about how long one should sleep? The problem with how long a person should sleep, exists stereotypically. Many people and even professionals believe that the length of sleeping period is very much depends on that very individually him or herself. They reckon that, certain people feel very energetic after a 6-hour sleep in one day, and others might feel very rejuvenated after an 8-hour sleep. Some might even think that they need only 4 hours of sleeping time in a day to keep them alert.

Very surprisingly (and shockingly), a recent study reveals that, if an individual sleep for less or more than 6 to 8 hours on average, they are linked to premature death. Professor Francesco Cappuccio, who authored an article in the Sleep, Health and Society Program at the University of Warwick, together with his fellow colleagues, found out that sleeping less than 6 hours could increase the risk of premature death by 12 percent higher. And the same it goes for those who sleep for 9 or more hours a night, but arguably, longer sleep increases 30 percent higher in premature death. Researchers believe that short sleep in a night is probably due to the cause of ill-health condition, while long sleep in a night is perhaps represents an indication of ill-health.

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