Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breathe Right

Many people are influenced by certain advertisements which advertise a breathing-aiding tool lately. This tool, where everybody thinks that by just pasting it on the nose with proper orientation, the air-passage way of breathing can be righted from the wrong. But what is the root which causing such problem? Is breathing unnaturally and snoring during sleeping period come naturally? Definitely not.

Researchers found that, not only poor sleeping habits were originated from the same culprit, but other misdiagnosed symptoms are also very likely to be caused by the same thing. So, who is this culprit which brings all these havoc to human? It is none other than mouth breathing. In each family, there must be someone who experience mouth breathing. Since the correct breathing method is always through nose, but mouth breathing has becoming a norm, especially for those who are experiencing allergies. Allergies can cause the obstruction of upper airway, and renders the sufferers breathing through their mouths.

When individuals start breathing with their mouths, and such habit goes untreated, many unexpected bad outcomes could occur. These so-called bad outcomes can be observed especially among children. Over time, these children who breath through their mouths, might suffer from abnormal facial and dental development, which in turns making them having narrow faces and mouths, and even crooked teeth. And speaking of bad sleeping habits which are caused by mouth breathing, this would apparently affect their academic performances as well. And in the real world, doctors often misjudged the situation by considering such symptoms as attention-deficit disorders.

Forget about physicians when you are dealing with mouth breathing problems. Instead, your dentist could be the first one who notice such problem. Therefore, remember to breathe using the right way!

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