Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Swimmers

Babies are adorable and cute. Newly born babies are often regarded as the future leaders of a certain country, the hopes of a particular nation. Most importantly, babies are parents' very own flesh and blood, and these parents, of course, hope for the best in their beloved new born children. And thus, many parents hope that their babies can be able to learn many things in their young ages, stereotypically, hoping that their children can make up what they have lost or things that they were unable to get a hold onto in their younger years.

A recent research shows that by teaching early babies what swimming is, and the way to do it, can distinctly differentiate a great baby with many benefits from a normal baby. While teaching babies swimming might be a source of fun and joy, but the more important aspect on this is the benefits which would be acquired by the babies, especially in their growth development process. Such distinctive result can be observed very clearly even when the babies reach the five year-old mark.

A group of researchers from Norwegian University of Science and Technology were the members who conducted this study. In the mentioned study, two groups which consisted of 19 babies each, were formed. One group was babies who were taught the swimming way, while the other group was treated as a control group. The only factor which differentiates these two groups was the existence of swimming lesson, or not. While the other factors which were put into consideration in this study, such as the parents' education, household income, among others, were all the same for these two groups of babies. Babies who were given swimming lessons received two hours of teachings per week, and they were taught from the age of 2-3 months until they were around 7-month old or so.

The results of the study seemed to be crystal clear, and showed great differences between the two groups. All the babies from both groups were given some exercises to do when the babies were about the age of 5. Obvious results were observed, the babies who received swimming lessons earlier were the best in exercises that related to balance and the ability to reach for things.

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  1. Thanks for the great article :) Will now definitely sign my child up for infant swim classes! keep up the great work.


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