Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brain Booster

Got busy for the big whole day and felt tired right after spending time on those busy moments? How would you react under such circumstance? The chances are, very likely that you would yawn, and you would hope to have a nap very very badly.

There are several school of thoughts about napping, where generally, the outcomes of napping can be categorized into two different consequences, where one of it believes that napping is bad for you, while the other one says that it is good for you. In general, many people feel the urge to have a certain period of nap each day, but as far as the words of mouth is concerned, many people regard napping is bad for our healths.

The reason why people are talking bad things about napping, is because, they generally think that having a nap could cause instability in their internal clock as well as sleep disorders. For instance, when you take a nap for about 2 hours during the afternoon, you would probably need to sleep 2 hours later compare to the usual moment you sleep at night for that day. In other words, for some, they believe that nap serves to push back how early you can fall asleep at night.

But is napping really bad for us? Not really. According to a latest study, conducted by lead investigator Dr. Matthew Walker and fellow researchers who hail from University of Berkeley, they claim that an hour's of nap can dramatically boost and restore brain power. Not only restore, they suggested that it can boost your brain to perform even greater than moments before you had your nap.

The mentioned researchers recruited 39 healthy and young adults as participants, and then divided them into two different groups, which are nap group and non-nap group. At noon, both groups were given a task where they are to complete a task which required them to absorb a lot of facts. When the clock ticks at 2pm, the participants from nap group were required to have a 1.5 hour of nap. When 6 pm approached, both groups were once again required to take up the challenges.

The results were obvious. The nap group perform way better than their opposition. Not only they perform better than the other group, they performed even greater than they had in the earlier in the day. The theory behind this, is our brain just resembles as how the Internet Explorer works. It stores up a lot of temporary files, and they are needed to be removed by sleeping, because sleeping likens the method of clearing out process.

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