Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

The new year has come, and that's the strong reason why you should celebrate and welcome the coming of the Year 2010! In addition to that, let's celebrate the 101st post of GTF Infozone! Now that the year of 2009 is passed, have you made your annual dream came true? Or your old resolution just did not seem to be achievable in the past one year? And how about this year? Have you make yourself a brand new, new year resolution of 2010?

If you don't already have a new year resolution, open up your mind to consider this very good suggestion from Peter Brubaker, professor of health and exercise at Wake Forest University. He mentioned that simply adding 30 minutes extra into the length of the time of daily exercise would be a very good new year resolution.

He suggested that, an extra 30 minutes of daily exercise does not need to be carried out continuously, which means, you can very well exercise 5 minutes, 10 minutes there, then perhaps another 15 minutes later on. It is not necessary to carry out a straight-30-minute exercise in a day. Instead, the intensity of this 30-minute exercise is the essential point of all.

Apart from that, Professor Brubaker also suggested that actually, walking is one of the easiest, and efficient activity, which could burn a lot of calories. But there are a lot of people too rely on excuses such as "walking around inside the house can be considered a type of exercise". Technically, yes, because it is still considered as walking, but practically, that kind of walking only burn a very insignificant amount of calories, where these amounts of calories can be compensated very easily. The type of walking we should apply in our daily lives, would be, for example, use the stairs instead of the lifts.

Instead of, walking, Brubaker also pointed that wearing a pedometer would be a very good motivator psychologically. Where he said that if you wear a pedometer while exercising, you could increase you activity level by 25 percent. But the most important thing is, find the calorie-burning activity which you enjoy the most, so that you'll have fun while doing those activities.

Lastly, GTF Team Members is hereby again, wishing you a very Happy New Year in 2010, nice prospects ahead, and have a healthy year ahead!

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