Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Diabetes & Glaucoma

A contractor, in his forties, learned that he had diabetes. About 10 years ago, this person went to consult the doctor in order to deal with any vision problems that he suffered. The consulted doctor found that there was a very high intraocular pressure in both eyes of this contractor. Such so-called high intraocular pressure is a very obvious sign of a person having glaucoma. Doctor kept prescribing different types of eyedrops, hoping that the contractor's eyes could be cured, but unfortunately, the treatments did not seem to work, until he underwent a laser procedure followed by continuous eye drop medications which successfully reduced his intraocular pressure.

Cited from wikipedia, glaucoma is a disease that affects the optic nerve as well as involving the loss of retinal ganglion cells in a characteristic pattern. As the example quoted above, ocular pressure is a significant factor in why glaucoma could occur. At a relatively low pressure in the eye, we might develop some nerve damages, while there are also some people who may have high pressure in the eye for years but yet, never develop damage. Nicknamed "Sneak Thief of Sight", untreated glaucoma might steal the sight of the infected individual and eventually causes blindness.

In a recent study, it suggests that people with diabetes face special risks from glaucoma. Both diabetes and glaucoma are said to have a few symptoms which are quite similar. Before the infected individuals are aware of the problems, severe damages could have occurred in their eyes. There are many studies out there which could prove that diabetics are more likely to develop glaucoma, and there are also other studies which suggest that glaucoma patients with diabetes disease are more likely to suffer vision damages. These studies indicated how closely diabetes and glaucoma are related to each other.

While everyone else who suffers glaucoma and at the same time, a diabetes sufferer, trying hard in applying eye medications from doctors, many times they do not realize the root of the problem, and consequently, they do not solve the real problem lying beneath them. Diabetes, apart from being regarded as the root of most of the metabolic syndromes, now vision complications such as glaucoma is very well included under that list.

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  1. Glaucoma is usually deemed condition of the eye wherein sensitiveness to ocular pressure leads to retinal and optic nerve harm. It is one of the reason for eye failure. Chronic glaucoma is known as the sly robber of eyesight as one has no signs or symptoms, it is difficult to detect. There are many risk factors associated with Chronic glaucoma like age, eye irregularities, family history, hypertension, headaches etc. For more details refer glaucoma


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